As well as having a first class team of road traffic defence solicitors, we also have a team of solicitors who specialise exclusively in pursuing Road Traffic Accident Claims, and who apply the same level of expertise and management to recovering your claims, as our criminal solicitors do in defending road traffic prosecutions.

We are the first legal firm in Scotland to specialise only in road traffic defence and road traffic claims compensation. We offer a bespoke and specialised service by combining the resources of our two specialist teams of road traffic defence solicitors and road traffic accident claims solicitors.

Our road traffic defence specialists have cutting edge expertise in defending road traffic prosecutions in all criminal courts through out Scotland, and collaborate with our team of equally proficient personal injury solicitors who specialise exclusively in pursuing road traffic compensation claims.

The firm which has now evolved offers a completely innovative approach to defending all road traffic prosecutions, such as speeding offences, careless and dangerous driving, drink driving offences which accounts for our extremely high success rate.

Similarly, our road traffic claims department specialises only in pursuing civil claims for compensation arising from road traffic cases. In combining the skills and experience of both, we reap unique benefits from the ability to collaborate with each other. That's all they do - we do not get involved in any other type of compensation claims, only road traffic related matters, as that has always been where our strengths are, and where we have and where we continue to be heavily invested.

The cross over between the two disciplines is immeasurable, and was first recognised by Richard Freeman when defending road traffic prosecutions, having researched exhaustively all reported road traffic criminal law cases, he then extended his research to reported civil cases. He realised that there was a real benefit in analysing civil road traffic law cases which could also play an important part in assisting in defending prosecutions for driving offences in many different scenarios. This has often resulted in him and his team referring to civil road traffic cases when defending criminal prosecutions in the criminal courts.

It became apparent that this overlap of two very similar areas of expertise, often proved to be better than the sum of its parts, and could often be of valuable assistance in defending prosecutions and pursuing claims in road traffic accidents alike.



Road Accident Compensation. Car Accident Compensation Claims

Who better able to investigate, establish and prove fault on the part of the other party, than the combined skills of both road traffic criminal specialists and road traffic civil claims specialists.

This is an approach that truly represents collaborative law at its best. By harnessing over a 100 years experience of these two specialisms we are able to offer our clients a unique and unrivalled service in both sectors

If you have you been the victim of a Road traffic accident and suffered injury or loss our team of highly experienced road traffic claims solicitors can maximise the level of compensation due to you. We have a wealth of experience specialising in all road traffic matters allowing us to greatly enhance your chances of winning your case with maximum compensation without going to court

We are regularly instructed by :

1. Drivers

Drivers who have been the victim of another driver's negligent driving. Our claims solicitors combine their skills with our team of criminal solicitors to establish careless or dangerous driving in order to prove negligence and therefore a right to compensation.
Contact us and we will get you back on the road whilst dealing with your claim. You have the right to a replacement vehicle whilst your own car is being repaired

2. Professional Drivers

Professional drivers who have suffered loss as a result of the negligence of their employer. This is a very sensitive area which we recognise clients might worry that it could compromise their relationship with their employer. We are experienced at dealing with this in a sensitive manner that will not affect the employer by going direct to their insurers.

3. Pedestrians

Pedestrians who have been knocked down or struck by such drivers. Whether they have been insured or not, we are experts in recovering compensation for all losses and damages , including injury , loss of wages and future employment.
We also act for pedestrians who have fallen or tripped on a public road or footpath and suffered injury as a consequence.

4. Passengers

Passengers either travelling in private or public transport who have been the victim of an accident at the hands of the driver or another party. We are experts at assessing blame which may be down to either the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in, or the other party, or indeed both.

If the accident was the fault of the person in whose vehicle you were travelling, don’t worry, the claim is unlikely to affect their no claims bonus and insurance premium, as the driver of the other vehicle may have already claimed on their policy.

5. Cyclists

We fully understand cyclists are particularly vulnerable whilst on the roads. If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s actions whilst out cycling, speak to one of our claims experts to see how we can help.
More often than not, a driver drives off both intentionally and unintentionally not realising you have been injured. Don’t worry, even if this is the case we still may be able to help. We also assist in your claim if someone has deliberately set out to injure you whilst you were on your bike.

If the bike has been damaged and is beyond repair, we will seek to recover all costs from the insurer of the person responsible for your accident. We will also endeavour to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible for you for any injuries you may have suffered. We will also ensure you receive the best form of treatment to get you back on your bike as soon as possible.

6. Minicab Drivers

We are fully aware of how important it is to get you back on the road. The serious implication on your livelihood as a result of an accident is enormous. We therefore aim to provide you with a replacement licensed minicab whilst your own vehicle is being repaired or in the case of a write off, whilst your replacing your old vehicle. We will also seek to recover your loss of profits for the period of time you are off the road.

7. Uninsured Drivers

Unfortunately, road traffic accidents occur where the drivers of the other party may be uninsured or leave the scene of the accident without leaving their insurance details.

Don’t worry contact us. Our team of experts are experienced in recovering compensation for victims of such incidents.

Why risk losing your no claims bonus or increasing your insurance premium when we can pursue the claim on your behalf via the Motor Insurers Bureau. This organisation has been set up purely with the aim to help those involved in an accident with uninsured or untraced drivers.

So even if the person who caused the accident has no insurance or you don’t know the details of the person responsible, we may still be able to help you recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

Contact us now to find out how we can help pursue your claim.

We are experts at assessing blame which may be down to either the driver of the vehicle you were travelling in, or the other party, or indeed both.

If the accident was the fault of the person in whose vehicle you were travelling, don’t worry; the claim is unlikely to affect their no claims bonus and insurance premium, as the driver of the other vehicle may have already claimed on their policy.

We are the expert solicitors for all Road Traffic Accidents in Scotland and will fight to get you the compensation your deserve. Even relatively minor whiplash injuries can result in thousands of pounds in compensation.

We offer the best service possible to victims of road traffic accidents. Here are a few examples of the benefits of using us:

Road Accident Victim Compensation ClaimsRemember, if it’s not your fault, then you don’t have to pay a single penny. Contact an expert today and find out how we can help.
So, whether a driver, pedestrian or passenger, fault or non-fault, we can help recover compensation for you. It is important that you contact us at the earliest opportunity in order that we have the best chance of securing the evidence that is needed to secure your claim.

Find out your rights, contact an expert today!

Call 0800 567 7810 or complete the form and a member of our team will contact you.


Some Case Studies

Case Study 1

The client sustained severe multiple orthopaedic injuries and brain damage in a road traffic accident when he was in a head-on collision with another vehicle. The accident was caused through the fault or negligence of the other driver. He required to give up his studies and could not pursue his intended career. Very substantial damages were recovered through the other driver’s insurers, not only for the personal injuries but also for past and future wage loss and other heads of claim as well as legal expenses. Extensive investigation and preparation was carried out for the client including obtaining orthopaedic and neurological reports from medical experts together with a report from an occupational, vocational and employment expert. The case also involved jurisdictional issues, the driver at fault being a foreigner with foreign insurers.

Case Study 2

The client sustained multiple and serious orthopaedic injuries when the vehicle in which he was travelling as a passenger was in a collision. The driver of the vehicle had been consuming alcohol prior to driving, of which the client was not aware, and was not insured. Notwithstanding, very substantial damages including damages for his personal injuries and wage loss were secured for the client as well as legal expenses.

Case Study 3

The clients in this case were the driver of his motor vehicle and members of his family who were his passengers. Another motor car collided into my client’s vehicle which was extensively damaged. The client and his family sustained serious multiple injuries. The accident was caused through the fault or negligence of the other driver. The case was thoroughly investigated and expert medical reports obtained. This resulted in substantial damages being obtained for the clients as well as their legal expenses.

Case Study 4

The client is this case was in her early 20s. She was struck by a motor vehicle as she was crossing a road. She sustained severe internal and orthopaedic injuries. She required to have a leg amputated. She had been to another firm of solicitors who advised her that she did not have prospects of success. Her claim was approaching time bar. To preserve the client’s position and to avoid the operation of time bar, court proceedings were served. The case was fully investigated. Very substantial damages were obtained for this client and her legal expenses were recovered.

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